Our consultations contribute to proactively cultivating difference of representation, experience, and thought here at York University.  Through these community conversations, REI is creating a forward path to operationalize the “mission critical values” of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion within York’s institutional priorities.

Inclusion Video Project

What does inclusion mean to you?
How do you see inclusion enhancing York’s performance and sense of connectedness?

The Project
Based on a short film featuring internal and external leaders, the video project is a university-wide series of facilitated conversations about the meaning and function of inclusion within the University Academic Plan.  You will find the video on the landing page for the Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (  The purpose of the project is to summarize the confidential and anonymous conversations, evaluate them to identify inclusion-related challenges and opportunities as well as areas for further inquiry, and report back findings and recommendations to the community.  With this effort, York strengthens its commitment to equity diversity and inclusion and its related benefits for all members of the university community.

Project Importance
York administrators are urged to participate in the project for the following reasons:

  • The university must engage expanding Federal and Provincial equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) requirements as they relate to the post-secondary sector.
  • There is a need to build a university consensus around the definition of inclusion and the means and measures by which the value may be operationalized throughout our academic priorities.
  • The project reflects a step in a process to further align the profile and visibility of inclusion with its stated strategic importance in UAP.
  • York must continue to respond to enhanced EDI performance expectations from the broader society that accompany demographic, social and political change.