DPET (Diversity Peer Education Team)


Welcome to the Diversity Peer Education Team (DPET) website!

Who we are

Operating out of the Centre for Human Rights (CHR) at York, DPET is a group of student volunteers who strive to increase the York community’s knowledge of:

  1. Provincial Human Rights Policies and York’s Human Rights Policies;
  2. CHR services; and
  3. Community and global human rights topics

What we do

DPET team members work in an inclusive team to:

  • Hold community events and support CHR’s educational events focused on human rights topics;
  • Promote CHR’s services to the York University community; and
  • Provide spaces to assist students in examining prejudice, bias, power and privilege through self-reflection and dialogue with each other

What we offer you

DPET offers students opportunities to:

  • Contribute to a culture of respect, equity and inclusion at York University;
  • Explore and engage in important human rights issues within a university context;
  • Use their skills and gain experience working in human rights; and
  • Meet and learn with/from other students.

Questions? Contact CHRDPET@yorku.ca