Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any upcoming workshops?
Yes; you can find out what workshops we will be hosting here.

I don’t think I received a fair mark on an assignment. Can the CHR help me?
No, this is an academic matter and there is a grade re-appraisal process you can pursue.

I wear my hijab while teaching, but I’m afraid my students may feel uncomfortable. What’s your opinion on this?
The University values diversity and encourages and supports the University community in demonstrating that diversity. The CHR is available to resolve any issue that contravenes the University’s human rights policy or the Ontario Human Rights Code.

A student complained to me about her professor and I’m concerned she is being sexually harassed. She said she’s afraid to complain, what can I do?
There are a variety of options. Let her know that our services are confidential –she can come here to talk about the situation without filing a formal complaint. Tell her she can bring you with her or come alone.

I'm concerned about some of the jokes and comments students are making in my class. Can anyone come to explain what type of remarks are considered inappropriate and qualify as hate speech?
Yes, our staff are able to attend and make classroom presentations and provide learning materials that will help resolve these concerns. Our office may also provide guidance regarding options and make referrals.