How We Work

REI provides free services to current York students, faculty and staff, including information, guidance and consultation on human rights best practices, and communication on our services and progress to the University community.

To consult our team about a human rights concern or request a training session or educational materials, call or e-mail us. Leave your name, email and/or phone number and we will respond within 3 business days. We will discuss your concerns as soon as we schedule a time either by phone or in person. You can file a formal complaint or just talk to us about the situation you are experiencing and you are welcome to bring someone with you when you speak to us.

All questions and discussions are kept confidential as per applicable laws. Where a human rights concern is being raised, our focus is on informal remedial mediation, alternative dispute resolution options, and where warranted, formal complaint and investigations.

There is no risk of reprisal for contacting us.