Making York U REDI

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) strives to build a respectful, equitable, diverse and inclusive (REDI) community at York U by advancing, promoting, and upholding human rights at York U in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and York U’s policies.

The CHR provides current York U students, faculty and staff with the following services:

Policy Guidance:  Recommending changes to York U’s policies and procedures that promote adherence and ensure compliance to human rights principles;

Education and Outreach:  Delivering proactive and preventative human rights education through training, awareness campaigns, events, workshops and conferences;

Complaint/Case Resolution and Consultation:  Providing consultations, informal inquiries, resolutions/mediations and, where warranted, formal investigations, relating to breaches of the Code and/or York U’s policies; and

Information and Referral:  Providing materials and other resources that explain and promote human rights-related issues to the York U community and making effective referrals when the issue is not human rights related.