CHREI participates and contributes to the development of policies and procedures through a number of committees:

President's Advisory Council on EDI ↗

The President’s Advisory Council on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) will use an intersectional lens to develop, recommend and establish institutional priorities, strategies, tactics, actions and measures of success in relation to the subject areas of the Council’s mandate using a multi-year approach to accomplish these objectives. In doing so, the Council will develop a university-wide framework that acknowledges the decentralized nature of York and the significant differences in the demographic composition and organizational climate among Faculties, Colleges, Divisions and units.

Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for Faculty Recruitment ↗

The Canada Research Chairs Program recently launched its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, in response to concerns about equity and diversity raised during the program’s 15th-year evaluation.

As part of the plan, all institutions with an allocation of five or more chairs (including York University) are required to develop an equity, diversity and inclusion action plan (institutional plan), which describes how the institution will sustain the participation, and/or address the under-representation, of individuals from the four designated groups (FDGs: women, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal Peoples and visible minorities) within their allocation of chairs.

President's Sustainability Council ↗

The President’s Sustainability Council is an advisory body, reporting to the President. REI involvement brings a human rights lens to the Council and ‘People’ Sub-Committee, which work to advance York’s sustainability goals.

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Mental Health Steering
Group ↗

Get a virtual tour of the In support of the University Academic Plan (UAP 2020-2025) priority of Living Well Together, York University is mobilizing resources to provide an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes positive well-being among all members of our community. 

Indigenous Council ↗

The IC was created in 2002 as a mandated body for universities that accept Indigenous funding. The IC has representatives from urban, First Nations, Métis organizations and communities and Indigenous faculty from the University. The IC is well positioned to provide guidance to the University in implementing Indigenous programming and curricula, and in hiring Indigenous faculty. The IC can play a pivotal role in helping to advance the University’s reconciliation and Indigeneity agenda; however, to do so, it should be included in the university’s governing bodies, such as the Board of Governors and the University Senate.

Community Safety Council ↗

The York University Community Safety Council (CSC) is an advisory body with responsibility for providing advice to the President and the Community Safety Department on safety matters. The CSC provides a mechanism for the participation and engagement of a broad cross section of York community members in the planning, delivery, coordination and evaluation of pan-university safety initiatives on York’s campuses.

Supported Committees

CHREI administratively supports, but does not lead, the following independent sub-committees of the President's Advisory Council on Human Rights: