The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (CHREI) hosts a variety of resources to assist students, faculty and staff in upholding human rights, equity, and inclusion at York University. In addition to the resources noted here, visit us to see the ones available in our office (see address below).

Supporting Scholars & Scholarship at York (Download this PDF contact list from the Office of the AVP for Faculty Affairs)

Online Harassment Guide for Faculty and Staff

Students, staff, and faculty at York are working, learning, teaching, and collaborating online and in virtual spaces more and more.

Many forms of unacceptable behaviour, including personal harassment and harassment based on the grounds listed in the Human Rights Code (Ontario) (which includes sexual harassment), can take place online much the same as they might take place in person.

If you believe you are experiencing harassment online or in virtual spaces, you have options for taking action to ensure the harassing behaviour ends and that York Community members are held accountable for their conduct or comments.To learn more, please click the link below for the full guide.

Understanding Racism: A Guide for Faculty, Staff and Students

Want to learn more about racism, its impacts, and what resources are available to those who are experiencing racism? To learn more, please click the link for the full guide.

COVID-19 Impacts on Student Learning and Equity: Report

Interested in learning more about how, through equity and intersectional lenses, COVID-19 can impact students? Follow the link below for a brief report on this issue.

York University's Policies & Procedures

Inclusion Lens: Event Management Tool

  • Inclusion Lens - an Event Management Tool designed to assist York University in engaging all peoples in events!

Resource Guides: Know your Rights

Creating and distributing resource guides is just one way CHREI assists students, faculty and staff in maintaining human rights at York University.

We are working on making our resources more accessible. Attached PDFs, available for download, are now accessible via screen readers.

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