SexGen York Committee


SexGen York is the University-wide committee responsible for advising and advocating around issues and concerns of sexual and gender diversity. This includes areas such as university policies and procedures (e.g. name change protocols), academic climate (e.g. homo/transphobia in the classroom), or general University environment (e.g. employment and safety). The Chair of the SexGen York committee reports through the Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion to the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights (PACHR).

SexGen meets monthly throughout the year and engages in the following:

Events: Planning, sponsoring, creating awareness and visibility, and opportunities for the York community to participate in festivals and events such as Pride Toronto, Trans Day of Remembrance, International Day Against Homophobia, and other days or events of significance related to sexual and gender diversity.

Communication: Creating materials, campaigns, and publications (print and online) to support the work of other committees and to promote SexGen York.

Advocacy: Raising and responding to issues, gaps, and concerns on campus, and working to provide opportunities for input and participation of gender and sexually diverse members of campus on issues that affect us.


SexGen York, formerly known as the Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisory Committee, was created following the establishment of a President’s Task Force on Homophobia and Heterosexism in 1994.


SexGen York aims to foster an accessible, inclusive, affirming intersectional environment for sexual and gender diversity among students, staff, faculty, and community members at York University. We engage in advocacy, education, and campaigns, and we support campus services and resources for gender and sexual diversity.


We strive for York University to be free from prejudice and discrimination towards sexual and gender diversity as these intersect and interact with oppression in all its forms.


Since its inception, SexGen has worked hard to make York a more diverse, inclusive, and affirming community. Some of our proudest achievements include:

  • Initiated the very first Positive Space training programs on both York campuses.
  • Successfully advocated for gender-neutral/trans-inclusive washrooms across York.
  • Worked to create additional residence support for students with diverse sexual and gender identities.
  • Hosted multiple events, conferences, and workshops, marking significant occasions such as Trans Day of Remembrance (Nov 20), International Day Against Homophobia (May 17), and Pride (June).
  • Supported Pride Flag ceremonies at Keele and Glendon campuses, and partnered on major Pride activities at York and downtown.
  • Responded to individual requests for support and advocacy by members of the York community.

In honour of Pride 2020, SexGen has created a page with historical highlights and other resources. Read more about SexGen's history here!

Annual Events

Each year SexGen York hosts events to mark Trans Day of Remembrance (Nov 20) and Pride (June)