REDDI Workshop Series

The REDDI Tutorial, now the Introduction to Rights, Equity, Decolonizing, Diversity & Inclusion (REDDI) is now available on YU Learn as part of the Onboarding series. Register on YU Learn.

What's New ? Course offerings have expanded significantly from last year and workshops will be offered throughout the fall and winter, starting Thursday, September 22nd. Interested participants will be able to gain certificates in both the core series as well as the issue-specific mini-series, and three (3) workshops will be offered in French as well. Read more below about earning the REDDI Certificate and Mini-Series Certificates.

Did you notice our New Series Name? Hint: we added a letter

The additional "D" stands for Decolonization and is in line with York University's new EDI Strategy

As a foundational principle of York’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy, decolonization refers to the processes of deconstructing colonial systems, institutions, logic, and practice to transform the social and political relations with Indigenous people. It centers and values Indigenous knowledges in service of the reestablishment of Indigenous sovereignty and the repatriation of Indigenous land and life.

What are the REDDI Workshops about? The REDDI workshops by CHREI are a series of interactive and instructor-led training sessions led by the CHREI Education team. A number of our sessions are conducted in partnership with the Division on People, Equity, and Culture, the Teaching Commons, Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD), Student Accessibility Services (SAS), and Talent Acquisitions and Development (TAD). REDDI workshops focus on various themes and topics covering human rights, equity, diversity, and inclusion and are open to all Faculty, Staff, and Students at York.

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The series runs every Summer, Fall, and Winter. Click below to view a complete list of available workshop topics and session dates for the current term:




Registration for the REDDI Workshops is now on YU-Learn

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Unless otherwise indicated, registration for all REDDI instructor-led courses on YU Learn will be available up to two hours before the start of the scheduled session. Likewise, you may withdraw from a course at any time after registration and at least two hours before the session begins.

Email Confirmation, Zoom links, and Passcode

Once you register for a session, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration. The email will also include our contact information in case you have questions and accommodation requests prior to the session.

Two days before the scheduled session, you will receive another email with the Zoom link and passcode for the session.

Participants who attended the session will receive a post-session email with an evaluation survey link, the workshop handout, as well other relevant resources on the topic.


The sessions run for 1.5 hours and will be interactive. If you have any accommodation requests, please send us an email at:

Course Codes

All workshops offered by the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion have course codes beginning with "CHR" on YU Learn.

Additional letters like AC (for accommodations), AR (Anti-Racism), and SG (Gender and Sexuality) indicate the theme of the sub-series. For registration purposes, some, but not all PR (Praxis, skills focus) courses recommend the completion of a pre-requisite course. Make sure to read the description before signing up for these courses.

Our REDDI Mini Series* are:

  • Preventing Sex and Gender Harassment and Discrimination (TBA Fall/Winter 2023-24)
  • Promoting Accessibility and Proactive Accommodations (TBA Fall/Winter 2023-24)
  • A Spotlight on Intersectional Anti-Racism Work and Black Inclusion (TBA Fall/Winter 2023-24)
  • Impact and Intersections of Creed-based Harassment and Discrimination - Core Series (TBA Fall/Winter 2023-24)

REDDI Core series workshops will run throughout Fall/Winter.

Earning a REDDI Certificate and Mini Series Certificates

By completing any 3 Core Sessions, participants can earn a REDDI Certificate of Completion.

By completing any 3 Mini-Series Sessions under a specific Mini-Series + 1 core session, participants can earn a REDDI Mini-Series Certificate. Watch out for cross-posted sessions (marked with an asterisk)* which can be counted in more than one mini-series. These are:

  • Impacts and Issues of Misogynoir* (under the Preventing Sex and Gender Harassment and Discrimination Series and cross posted under the series: A Spotlight on Intersectional Anti-Racism Work and Black Inclusion)
  • Understanding and Accessing Family Status Accommodations* (under the series on Promoting Accessibility and Proactive Accommodations and cross posted under the Preventing Sex and Gender Harassment and Discrimination Series)

Attendance Note that certificates will only be granted to participants who actually attend each session for a minimum of 60 minutes.

The majority of the REDDI workshops are stand-alone sessions, but a few of our workshops have a recommended second part, and/or an accompanying practical workshop. Thanks to YU Learn, every session that a faculty and staff participant attends will now be recorded and reflected automatically on employee records. (Exceptions apply. See Privacy features below)

Delays pending transition Note, however, that there will be a transition period that applies to attendance and completion records prior to the migration of REDDI to YU Learn.

During the transition period, we will be syncing past attendance records and REDDI certificate completion records into the system. This means that those who attended REDDI workshops before the move to YU Learn may be affected by some delays. Note that while your attendance/REDDI completion may yet be reflected on your employment records, your REDDI certificate will still be the best record of your attendance/completion of the REDDI Workshop Series.

Your Privacy on YU Learn

Sometimes, participants who attend our workshops do so in order to get more information intended to help them deal with a particular situation at work or in school. In such cases, earning the REDDI certificate or getting credit may not be the priority, nor is it the preference.

YU Learn offers a privacy feature where participants can turn on privacy settings so that their registration and attendance in a workshop are not visible to their Manager and/or Supervisor. This registration will only be visible to us, the session facilitators, and course creators.

Note, however, that unless a course or session has been categorized as private, this feature will not be available.

Only approved courses of a sensitive nature may offer privacy. Generally, training conducted during regular office hours (not including breaks) requires the approval of the manager or supervisor.

Likewise, job-required training such as the REDDI Tutorial (required for onboarding) and Respect in the Workplace for Academic Administrators, will not have this privacy feature enabled.

Remember that if you have pressing human rights concerns, you may also book a confidential one-on-one consultation with our Case Advisors.

More about Private Courses

Courses categorized as private will allow an option for the user to keep them “private” when they register. This means that a participant can choose whether or not to make their participation visible to their management team.

If you choose to keep your participation in a course private:

•No notifications go to your manager

•Your management team cannot see the course on your learning history

•You can see the course on your YU Learn learning history page, marked with a Private icon to show that other people can’t see it

•The course doesn’t appear on your official University training record.

If you choose to share your participation, a notification goes to your manager and the course is visible to your management team on your learning history. When complete it’s added to your official University training record.