Case Resolution Services

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (REI) strives to provide and assure excellence in the fair resolution of human rights-related conflicts and complaints from faculty, staff, and students.

REI responds to concerns, and complaints under provincial human rights legislation and related York policies and procedures, including but not limited to questions of discrimination on the grounds of age, race, citizenship, creed, disability (incl. mental health and addictions), family status, marital status, gender identity/expression, sex, and sexual orientation. REI also plays an important role in supporting the work of The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education Office (The Centre) by processing matters under the Sexual Violence Policy.

REI provides informal and non-adversarial services using a variety of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. By ‘working together,’ we solve issues from a united front, and empower community members to become pro-active in the prevention and the timely resolution of complex human rights issues. Our team is also available to provide one-on-one advice and consultative assistance to members of the community.

While we strive to educate as well as defuse contentious situations, we also offer options to resolve formal complaints such as mediation, investigation and adjudication in accordance with university policies, procedures and collective agreements should an early resolution not succeed.

All questions and discussions are kept confidential as per applicable laws. Where a human rights concern is being raised, our focus is on informal remedial mediation, alternative dispute resolution options, and where warranted, formal complaint and investigations.

There is no risk of reprisal for contacting us.


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Have a Human Rights related question, concern, or complaint?

Please first review the Procedures for Dealing with Complaints of Workplace Violence, Harassment or Discrimination.

We also offer free and confidential consultation to members of the York community.

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Options for complaint resolution may include:

  • Informal Resolution: Includes information gathering and clarification, or early resolution (i.e. apology).
  • Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution: Face to face or other forms of mediation and dispute resolution such as facilitated meetings / discussions, etc.
  • Formal Complaint and Investigation: Assisting complainant with the formal written complaint and informing of the process.

You may bring a person for support.

REI does not advocate for any party and does not provide legal advice.