Our Enhanced Mandate

Introducing our new name: Center for Human Rights, Inclusion and Equity (REI)

"Conceived through a strategic vision and achieved through systematic planning, implementation, and measurement, inclusion unlocks our collective creative potential to innovate in research, augment teaching effectiveness, and enrich student experience."
Michael F. Charles, Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion 

The mandate and name of the former Centre for Human Rights was expanded to include "Equity" and "Inclusion" to acknowledge that the removal of barriers through a human rights frame cannot by itself create cultures, practices, and structures that strategically and intentionally value and seek out differences.

York recognizes that in a globalized economic, social and political context marked by shifting demographic change, it must proactively cultivate diversity of representation, experience, and thought through which an ever-broadening spectrum of ideas and perspectives constructively contest.

By adding Equity, the University explicitly acknowledges the centrality of fairness as the it seeks to maximize access to opportunity and services while recognizing that members come to the institution with relative advantages and disadvantages.

By adding InclusionREI will expand university efforts to value and proactively cultivate difference so that each individual can achieve their full potential and bring their whole selves, without suppressing or denying any part, in service of the Academic Plan.

Pursuant to the new mandate REI will add to the form and content of the “mission critical values” of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.  The University Academic Plan 2015 – 2020 expresses a commitment, but a guide to operationalize these values within and through institutional priorities is left for future development.  REI will lead the formation of this forward path in collaboration with our community partners.