Our Mandate

Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (REI)

"Conceived through a strategic vision and achieved through systematic planning, implementation, and measurement, inclusion unlocks our collective creative potential to innovate in research, augment teaching effectiveness, and enrich student experience."
Michael F. Charles, Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion 

York University recognizes that in a globalized economic, social and political context marked by shifting demographic change, it must proactively cultivate difference of representation, experience, and thought. Doing so supports York’s “mission critical values” of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

To further this vision, in 2016, “Equity” and “Inclusion” were added to the mandate of York University’s Centre for Human Rights, subsequently modifying the Centre’s mission. This expansion of the Centre's focus acknowledges that the removal of barriers through a human rights frame cannot by itself create cultures, practices, and structures that strategically and intentionally value and seek out differences. Working together with the York community, REI will lead the formation of a forward path to operationalize the “mission critical values” of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion within York’s institutional priorities.

Through its services,  REI seeks to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, resulting in a collectively enriched experience.