SexGen York Committee

SexGen York aims to foster an accessible, inclusive, affirming intersectional environment for sexual and gender diversity among students, staff, faculty and community members at York University. We engage in advocacy, education and campaigns, and we support campus services and resources for gender and sexual diversity. We strive for York University to be free from prejudice and discrimination towards sexual and gender diversity as these intersect and interact with oppression in all its forms.


[Poster: The words "SexGen York Committee" written in white font over a blue, magenta and light purple flowing flag that goes across the top of the poster. Then the words "Trans Day pf Remembrance" in white bold font and then a white line, followed by the date "Monday, November 20th" in white font. On one side of the poster is a description in white font which reads "In remembrance of those who have died due to violence towards trans, Two-Spirit and gender non-conforming people.  All people have a right to inclusion, safety, respect and belonging at York University, regardless of their gender, gender identity or gender expression”. On the other side of the poster is the text "Vigil" in white bold font with the location underneath "Student Centre" followed by the time "12:00pm to 1:00pm". Below this is the text "Self Care" in white bold font with the location underneath "Accolade East, room 013" and then the time "2:00pm to 4:00pm". At the bottom of the poster reads the message in dark blue font "Thank you to our sponsors, Centre for Feminist Research, Sexuality Studies, Graduate Program in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, School of Social Work, York University Graduate Association". Following the text is a logo with a white background and a blue and green symbol and the upper case letters C,T,Y,S, in blue font with the text "Central Toronto Youth Services".  Beside is another logo with a white background and the text "Shalom Group" in dark black font with the text "Canada" in red font. Beside is the York University logo of a white background with the text "York" in black font, followed by the upper case letter U in white font against a red background followed by the text "university" in English and French. At the bottom of the poster is the text "For more information, please contact The whole poster has a blue background that goes from dark blue at the top to light blue at the bottom.].

For any accommodation requests  and to register, please visit

This Vigil at the Student Centre will have;

  • Flat and ramp entrances.
  • Ramp access to the event space.
  • Interpreting services to be confirmed.

The Self-Care event at Accolade East, room 013 (in the basement) will have;


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