Training for all York Community Members

REDI (Respect, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Training Program for York Students, Staff, and Faculty

*Specific trainings will be offered from time to time throughout the year. Check back regularly for details.*

The goal of the REDI training program is to enhance York’s understanding and competencies on the following Human Rights Topics:

  1. (dis)Ability, Mental Health & Stigma: In this introductory session, learn about the Ontario Human Rights Code, particularly in relation to the protected code ground of disability (which includes mental health). You will be provided with information about mental health including definitions, barriers to inclusion, accommodations, resources and discuss key issues.
  2. Positive Space: This is a “101” session that will explore gender and sexual diversity, as well as homophobia and transphobia specific to the campus experience. Learn about using inclusive language, being a supportive ally, campus resources, and creating safer spaces on campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and other gender/sexually diverse students, staff and faculty. In addition to being a component of the REDI certificate, participants will earn a positive space sticker for display in offices or on personal effects.
  3. Race & Ethnicity: Unconscious bias has emerged as the silent destroyer of diversity in organizations and institutions. Even the most open-minded person harbors a lot of unconscious biases, but do we fully understand what this is? This workshop will increase participants' understanding of unconscious racial basis, how to start recognizing this bias and discuss strategies to eliminate it.
  4. Sexual Violence Prevention: Sexual violence prevention is a top priority at York and requires all members of our community to be aware of and involved in. A key strategy in sexual violence prevention is educating community members about consent, rape culture and our rights and responsibilities on campus. In this interactive session, participants will examine various scenarios aimed at clarifying the conditions for consent, understanding how rape culture perpetuates sexual violence, and how we can make our campus safer.

In order to receive the certificate of completion participants would have to attend all four workshops in addition to completing the REDI Online Tutorial (it is advised that you complete the online tutorial prior to attending the workshops).

Why is the Certificate Valuable?

  • Attainment of the certificate can be recorded on resumes.
  • Workshops provides participants with an opportunity to connect and network with members of the York community interested and engaged in Human Rights work.